Meet Melissa, CA

Melissa is Certified Chiropractic Assistant (CA). She has been with Brost Chiropractic since 2005 and loving every minute of her career with helping clients meet their health goals and having fun in the process. A regular chiropractic patient since she was 15 years old, Melissa advocates the benefits of getting regular chiropractic care, for everyone she meets.

Meet the CA

Melissa is happily married, with 3 wonderful children who also receive regular chiropractic care. Melissa believes in the importance of whole family care to keep everyone feeling good from head to toe. “Everyone is less sick and more active, when their brains and nervous system are working at their peak potential”


Melissa is not your regular office receptionist, she is always ready to greet you with her friendly, energetic personality and smile when you walk into the office. Ready and willing to help all who walk in the door with their health goals and being a cheerleader on the side.

Meet The CA


Meet Tessa, CA

Tessa came to Brost Chiropractic & Wellness Centre in 2014 and has been a great asset since her arrival in the office.  As a chiropractic patient herself, she believes that chiropractic can be a life changer.  It has improved her quality of life and is no longer stuck suffering in pain.


Tessa is mom to 3 fur-babies.  Rod, Gilli & Furry, 3 wonderful kitteh’s whom she loves and cherishes like any parent. She loves to be outdoors and camping with her 2 big brothers when the weather co-operates… or not.


Tessa’s cheery personality helps to make everyone feel welcome and at home when they walk through the doors.